Food Production Units

Designed to run operationally as independent units, the facility has much to offer the prospecting client.

During the development phase of this project much focus and attention was given to understanding the ergonomics of a well designed food facility. Specialist food development architects and engineers worked tirelessly and exhaustively to ensure strict adherence and compliance to a well thought out specification. No stone was left unturned in terms of satisfying the requirements of the modern day food manufacture

Independently Operational

The Food Hub units are designed to work independently of each other providing a one stop shop for several producers to occupy the facility simultaneously.

  • Individual meter

Each unit is independently metered for water gas and electricity. This eliminates central billing and potential disputes with other producers

  • Individual High Risk Drainage

Environmental health regulations as specified by the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) demands that meat dairy and fish food production manufacturers must strictly adhere to specifications for high risk drainage systems, whereby fats grease and other effluents created in the food manufacturing processes must be pre-treated before entering the mainstream drainage system. All production units in The Food Hub satisfy this requirement.  Moreover each unit has its own drainage system that exits by way of a perimeter wall to the rear of the facility. So if one production unit has a pollution or drainage problem none of the other units are affected

  • Independent Roller Shutter door

Each unit is equipped with an independent roller shutter door. This is the entry point for deliveries of core ingredients and the exit point for finished goods. Each unit can drive their own schedule of deliveries specific to their business requirements without impacting the other producers

Other Physical Attributes

Ucrete polyurethane floor

All the floors within each of the units are ucrete floors. Made from highly durable plastics and composites, these polyurethane floors meet all the requirements handed down by the food regulation authority to include:

  • Non slip – Water resistant materials ensure non slip surface
  • Non crack – Very durable resins and plastics ensure the surface can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures which are indicative of a food production facility. This also ensures strict adherence to hygiene factors as laid out by the EHO
  • Comfortability factor – Spongy, but pliable finish helps to ensure comfort for employees who spend long hours on their feet

Doors and interior panelling

Rockwool doors and PVC interior panelling permeate the production units which provide many benefits including

  • Easy to clean
  • Absorbent of hot and cold temperatures reducing the severe impact of fluctuating temperatures on employees
  • Durable under extreme heat – Long lasting
  • Adherence and compliance to the specifications of the Environmental Health Authority
  • Rockwell door with full perimeter sealant acts as a good hygiene barrier and personal access door for each individual unit

Fire safety

Apart from having fully compliant fire resistant materials each unit has its own individual fire exits

Other Amenities

In keeping with the environmental health regulations there are separate toilets for those employees working with raw foods versus those working with cooked foods.

All toilets are fully equipped with automated hand dryers, knee operated sinks and motion censored soap dispensaries. These features ensure a germ free facility which otherwise would be much more challenging to maintain if the premises was equipped with hand towels, hand pushed dispensaries and manual taps.

Interested in securing a food production unit?

Our food production units are currently at 100% capacity but we would still be happy to discuss your requirements. Perhaps our community/timeshare kitchen may be of interest to you.